About Us

Welcome to Nanochip Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we are pioneers in offering skilled development solutions, cutting edge software for academic use and staffing and recruitment solutions in the areas of Electronic System Design, VLSI Design, SoC Development and Embedded Systems.

Our dedicated team of professionals come with decades of relevant industry experience and have a passion to make you successful.

We offer design services for advanced process nodes. Nanochip Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our thrust areas are Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, DSP, Consumer Electronics, Multimedia, gaming, Medical Electronics and other emerging technologies.

As part of our corporate social responsibility Nanochip Solutions donates a portion of its revenue to professional institutions who are working to help bridge the industry academia gap.

Our Values


To be the pioneer in providing nano meter technology solutions to address todays challenges.


To be the leader in providing innovative solutions to its customers by employing passionate, dedicated and professional engineers who strive to consistently exceed the expectations set by the customers.